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This Is The World’s First Art Exhibition For Dogs

It is absolutely amazing and unusual, but British artist, satirist and inventor Dominic Wilcox has organized a special contemporary art exhibition not for people, but specially for doggies along with a wide range of installations to keep the new audience interested.

Play More is not only a usual gallery with artworks, but is a whole set of entertaining activities, which are very important for the canine attendees. For example, Cruising Canines has a cardboard car with cut out windows and a fan to make an illusion of driving around English countryside.


Dinnertime Dream has a giant dog bowl filled up with small balloons which look like a dog food, can you imagine how excited the dogs get on seeing such a pool?


The usual bowls where you keep water for the dogs serve as fountains which shoot water from one bowl to another, involving the doggies to play along.

Wilcox says, that contemporary art used to be a huge source of inspiration for people, so why not to use it for rising emotions and feelings among the dogs?


There are a series of modern pictures along with entertaining, featuring the works of Clare Mallison, Michelle Thompson . All the works and the whole exhibition center was designed with the help of dog experts and veterinarians, and is truly done for the dogs only.




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