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This Fluffy-Eared Rabbit’s Rate Of Cuteness Is Way Too Much

The famous Instagram star rabbit Wally, that collects hundreds of adorable comments every single day has not always been so cute as he is now. Known for his unique short haircut and fluffy long ears that add cuteness to his all image has been a bit different before and his owner Molly shared few pictures to show his looks before modern style and calls it baby yak.

The rabbit had so much hair, that Molly had to brush him somehow to give Wally decent look. But the idea of being brushed didn’t appeal to rabbit at all, and all he could manage was the five minutes of brushing. This is how the story of iconic rabbit hair style was born.

The new hair cut allows Wally enjoy himself both inside and outside. You can see how happy he is with his new style, running, biking or just relaxing at home. Adorable rabbit turned into the icon of style!



All images [email protected]Wally and Molly

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