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The 9 Weirdest Animal Stories

The Weirdest Animal Stories Of 2016

Every animal is related to its own constitution and the consciousness of it.


Animals are lovely. They are the living things that can’t speak the language humans speak, but they do understand the language of love, which is why, most of the people on this planet are so obsessed with keeping pets. Some animals are adorable while some might seem to be very strange to you. Stories of the animals such as two-headed sharks, anal-drumming caterpillars, and a spider with an internal disco ball, definitely make it to the list of weirdest animal stories of all time.

1 – Longest-Lived Vertebrate May Live 500 Years

A study in August claimed that the Greenland Shark is the longest lived vertebrate, which can live upto 272 years or even more till the age of 500 years as well.

2 – Extremely Rare White Giraffe

In January, an extremely white Giraffe was spotted in Tanzania and a local tour guide named her Omo. Omg is not an albino but suffers from a genetic condition called leucism, says Derek Lee, founder of the institute.

3 – ‘Skiing cat’ in action

Jesper is the famous skiing cat of Norway. It goes cross-country skiing in the snowy wilderness just like a sledge dog, it trots in front of owner Aina Stormo as she skis. When tired, it rides on the shoulder of her owner.

4 – Caterpillar Drums Its Anus To Find Friends

Caterpillars communicate via vibrations. It is weird to believe but still it is true. Researchers claim that when it comes to finding new friends, they burst their butts quite literally.

5 – Disco Spider Pulsates With Baffling Colour

This is a weird creature on this planet that is regularly photographed in Singapore. It has created much mystery behind the pulsating and colour changing phenomenon that even the scientists don’t know how the arachnid, in the genus Cyrtarachne, produces the internal movements, let alone what purpose it might serve.

6 – Two – Headed Sharks Keep Popping Up

Two headed sharks exist very much and these days, the weird creatures are being photographed and found everywhere. They are almost turning up worldwide. The Spanish researchers came across an embryo of cat shark with two heads and since then, this is seen at many places in the world. Some researchers are speculating that these creatures are seen all of a sudden worldwide, because there might be some kind of mutation in the gene pool.

7 – Binturong’s Pee Smells Like Buttered Popcorn

Who doesn’t like buttered popcorn. It is probably the most favourite of people while watching cinema. But, this smell is associated to the pee of an animal. The pee of a bearcat is smells much like that of a buttered popcorn. Scientists claim that this strange scent is produced by a chemical compound in their urine called 2-AP. This compound is apparently same as found in popcorn.

8 – Arctic Foxes Grow Their Own Garden

The Weirdest Animal Stories Of 2016

These little carnivores litter all around their underground dens and provide much nutrition to the soil, adding which is their urine and leftover kills. This gives rise to lush greenery around them.

9 – Spider Which Resembles A Leaf

The first spider known to mimic a leaf belongs to south western China. It apparently uses its silk to attach leaves to tree branches and then hides among the branches. Researchers are still not very sure why the spider does this.

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