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The Team Of Therapy Dogs Helps The Olympic Swimmers To Cope With Anxiety

Dogs have been recently working a lot, bringing comfort and happiness to those who are in grief and pain. Now the special team of dogs has been working even with Olympic swimmers and helping them to overcome the anxiety!

Currently there are 1700 American swimmers in Omaha competing in trials to get into the 2016 Games in Rio De Janeiro. It is extremely exciting competition, which puts a load of stress on the swimmers, even before considering all the flaws that might wait for you in rather dangerous Brazil, but let’s think positive! Therefore, to overcome this wave of panic and anxiety the special team of dogs arrived to assist the sportsmen. Thanks to the Domesti_PUPS, around 30 dogs are now spending time with swimmers, and assisting anyone who just needs a hug or wants to get distracted from all the competitions and play a ball with a dog. The main purpose of the dogs is to release the stress and they basically do nothing but lying and waiting for somebody to pet and rub their bellies. How awesome is that?

But the doggies are real hard workers and even have their own shifts ,  working from early morning until the late night, always ready to give their unconditional love. One of the Olympic swimmers, Kacey Oberlander admits that these dogs are really soothing down the atmosphere, as they are always happy and it is really calming to see those dogs running around never minding all the stress that is around.
Such therapy dogs are a great help in such stressful environments as prisons, hospitals, disaster areas and many more.

One of the swimmers even claimed that petting a dog for few minutes boosted his performance! No matter if it is true or no, but it has been stated already many times that such therapy dogs are a real help in stressful situations, so we can wish good luck and no stress to those Olympic swimmers!


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