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The Sweetest Rescue: Dog Becomes A Mother For The Two Tigers

The hero dog, named Dora has become a surrogate mother for two of the baby cats in the zoo of Omsk region, once the Siberian tigress refused to feed them.


The Amur tigress Aza unfortunately rejected the two new born cubs in the Bolsherechensk zoo, that’s why there was no other choice but to provide the special care by attendants and a foster mother – dog Dora.


Thanks to such an attention and a constant check by veterinary doctors, the small tigers became stronger and are really enjoying such a special treatment: massage, proper feeding and regular outdoor walks.

One of the reasons for the tigress to abandon the small babies was probably the fact that they were born too weak and in the wild. And usually such weak cubs don’t survive in natural environment, but thanks to the captivity, they’ve got another chance!



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