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The Ice Pupsicles Are A Delicious Way To Cool Down Your Dog

In the summer heat, it is not only you who is suffering but your dog as well. If we , people can always drink some chilled water, turn on the AC, for your favorite pet it won’t be enough. But there is a way to help your dog to overcome the heat and ice pupsicles will be the smartest and easiest idea. Very soon it will become your dog’s favorite snack and the easiest thing for you to cook.

Here is what you need:
chicken broth – 2 cups
water – ¾ cups

What to do:
Mix up chicken broth with water.
Pour into a popsicle mold.
Put into fridge for 2 hours.
Once they are half frozen, place inside each of the popsicle a rawhide stick.
Let them freeze for another two hours and serve immediately to your favorite pet.



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