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The Guy Cycles Around The World For A Year With His Dog To Promote Animal Rights

A touching story of a guy named Xiaoyu from Guilin, who spent whole year cycling around the world with his pooch. The main goal of the trip was to promote animal rights and animal care.


The boy and his dog companion have covered 25, 000 km through 23 countries in one year and during the journey they stopped by more than a hundred of animal rescue centers. At the same time the boy also found the time to write a book about his journey, which will go to all the organizations assisting the stray dogs to find new, better homes.

Back in 2012, Xiaoyu adopted his dog and started traveling through Sichuan and Tibet, climbing the famous Mt Everest and even Nepal.
But the recent journey went far beyond the boundaries and stretched across the countries in Asia, Europe, North America and finally the home town – Guilin. Everything for the dog’s care.


source: shanghaiist

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