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Sweet Penguin Walks Again With a 3D Printed Boot

This cute penguin-  “Purps”, who is living at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut had a rather big fight with  another bird and injured badly the leg, as a result he really needed support with mobility.

The employees from Aquarium have been thinking that one of the greatest solutions could be a 3D printing, so they asked for help from the ACT Group/3D System, as well as from the local middle school in order to design and actually make such a boot for Purps. The two teams worked really productive, as aquarium team was in charge of veterinary knowledge and the ACT shared their expertise, while the penguin could finally walk again and even swim with no additional efforts!

purps-boot-close-up-actgroup 3672DE9A00000578-0-image-m-40_1469046563595 the-team-act-mystic purps-aq-student-team-actgroup



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