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This Dog Becomes Social Media Sensation Because Of Her Gorgeous Hair

She’s got everything to be a superstar – long dark locks, dignified poise and a withering look. Tea, the Afghan Hound has become viral on social media due to her unbelievably pretty hair. The dog has already participated in the shows and is admired in those circles, however this is the first time she experienced such a popularity on social media.

world's prettiest dog


Once the owner – Luke Kavanagh posted the picture on Facebook, the number of likes and shares continued to grow. The picture displays how gracefully she sits on the bench, with her hair in full glory and looks thoughtfully in the distance. According to the owner, even their usual walks around the city attract attention of the crowds, and the dog pretends she doesn’t care for it, though Mr Kavanagh is pretty sure she loves feeling like a supermodel.

Thanks to one single picture, Tea was offered a modelling deal for dog food and also for the dog shampoo. A number of companies have asked already Mr Kavanagh to use this gorgeous picture.


However the dog is going into retirement as an actor, because preparation time takes really long. The owner has to admit, that showing process and grooming was taking him away from spending time with family and he wants to put his family on the first place.

Mr Kavanagh says: “Whether she’s naked or draped in the finest of silk gowns, Tea will always be my queen.”

source: telegraph

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