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Stunning Pictures From The Hindu Festivals Celebrating Dogs

Every single year, Nepal is celebrating for five days the Tihar and fills up the streets with festivities, celebrating the “holiday of lights”. But here is an interesting thing – one day among the five is totally devoted to honoring the human’s  best friends – dogs.


This day is more known as Kukur Tihar, and usually is hold on the second day of celebrations. People are celebrating the faithful friendship between men and lovely dogs, by decorating them with flowers, putting on garlands and adding a bright mark on their forehead with a chalk, and of course later one a delicious meals is waiting for them as well.

The whole festival is about stories and celebration of different animals and their connection to god and humans. Besides the day of dogs, there are also celebrations devoted to crows, oxen and cows. All of these celebrations have their own legends.
But when it comes to dogs, according to Hindu tradition, dogs are connecting us to the spiritual world as they are the special messengers of the Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death.
This day should be definitely implemented in other countries to show the appreciation and love to our truly best friends.



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