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Science Proves That Dogs Can Understand What You Say…

So now you have to be careful while sharing information with your lovely pet. The question, whether dogs understand us when we talk to them has been bothering people long time ago, and finally the answer to this question has been granted by Hungarian scientists.

According to them, doggies do comprehend the words we pronounce and how we say them. The reports published by researches Attila Andics at Eotvos Lorand University announce that dogs understand speech in the same way to humans – they do process the words with left hemisphere of their brain and pitch with the right atmosphere.


In order to accomplish this experiment, Andics along with colleagues spent few months training 13 dogs how to lie motionless inside an fMRI machine.


Thanks to such training they managed to scan the brain of dogs while they were listening to trainer speaking different combination of words, for example “well done” and “however” in both high pitched, cheer tone or neutral one.


The results show that dogs not only process the vocabulary separately, but also respond better when phrases of praise, like well done were paired with the same type of intonation. It is a new insight into evolution of language.

Now you can be sure, that dogs do get what you are trying to say them.


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