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Meet The Cutest Multi-Species Family!

Those who love animals will agree that it is never too many pets in the house. And the family from Missouri would totally agree with you, as the young couple Kasey and her husband Blake has been rescuing animals the most part of their life and now their small family consists of four dogs, a cat and two ducklings. Kind of strange combination, but this family is totally unrepeatable. Every weekend all the members go either hiking or camping, and make dozens of pictures together. Each of the rescued animals has its own story, but with a happy ending, as now all of them have a loving family.



The first member to join the family was Roxy, a toy tex terrier who was born without a hip joint, which is a common issue among puppy mill babies. Kasey brought the puppy back to health and managed to shut down the store, where Roxy was one of the items for sale – like unhealthy animals. Now, Roxy is official, certified therapy dog! That’s the way. The next rescued guys were two pit bulls, Jake – who was simply abandoned by people and Rosie, who came from a fighting neighborhood with an injured leg. Kasey admits, that she has been afraid of pit bulls before, knowing their wild nature, but totally changed her mind once these two pit bulls joined her family. And the next dog was a Rat Terrier, Italian Greyhound mix who had a tough story with three almost death ends is now running around their property like a newborn.

In spite of such a dog crowd in the family, Mia, the cat actually feels very comfortable. Even though she doesn’t have a tail, she still goes on all the hikes and follows the lead. The two ducklings are really the funniest ones – Gertrude and Donald. They were definitely not very excited about the neighbors, but Jake, the pit bull gave them couple of welcoming kisses and licks to feel like at home.

The family will be more than happy to welcome more rescued animals to their family, but now they are expecting a new human to join them!



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