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Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And What Happens Next Is Unbelievable!

Wild nature is full of brutality and cruelty, only the strongest ones survive, that’s the nature’s law. But sometimes animals show more humanity that people themselves and the case with lioness is another proof. The lioness found a tiny little baboon and instead of killing and eating it, what did  she do? She gently pawed at it and picked it up !

This series of photos showing kindness and humanity in wild nature were captured by wildlife photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth. Both of them are crazy for big cats, and last years they took pictures in northern Botswana’s Selinda when they were suddenly interrupted by 30-40 baboons running through the bush and attracting attention of the lioness who was close by.
Both of the photographers were watching carefully what is going to happen with a poor baboon mother and the small baby clinging on her side, who was chosen as a victim by the lioness. But instead they saw the most adorable action and captured the whole story:
The small baboon scarily rushed to climb the nearby tree

And when two photographer prepared to capture the moment of death.

They saw how lioness gently pawed at it and picked it up instead of killing

Lioness and baby baboon
The baby showed the signs of being physically harmed and just scared from the whole situation

The lioness picked up the baby in her mouth

And the baby instinctively hold onto the lioness tight and suddenly stopped being afraid but cradled between the big cat’s paws

The male lions came up to check the baby but lioness scared them away probably protecting the baby

The male baboon who was watching the whole scene from the tree picked up the perfect moment to rescue the baby and bring it back to the troop

Soon photographers had a chance to take a picture of the rescued baby in the arms of the father


Another reminder to how fragile our life is, that’s why  we should live in this particular moment and enjoy every second of it.


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