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Keep Your Cat Stylish With These Cat-Friendly Hoodies

Those in love with cats will appreciate and love the new style of cat-friendly hoodies, in which you can carry your feline for a walk instead of the leash. The new sleeveless sweatshirt has a special pocket where you can store your cat, as it is specially designed by UNIHABITAT for this purpose.

The Summer Mewgaroo Hoddie is perfect if you don’t mind the cat hair on your clothes. It is made from 100% double knot cotton, which makes it very natural breather providing comfortable use, plus the smooth texture of the fabrics minimizes the claw scratches from your furry friend.

One more good news, if your cat is a bit big, the pocket can hold up to 7 kilograms and  no need to worry of your cat getting  bored in the pocket, as it has special pom-poms to keep them busy while you walk. The designers even came up with a crazy idea of storing an ice pack in the pocket, in case your cat feels too hot!


Totally crazy!


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