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Get Your Pet A Fancy Haircut In The Taiwan Salon

The hair fashion continues to experience its boom, and now even the home pets fur style is being taken care of. In case you have always dreamed to turn your cat into the stegosaurus you should think of getting a ticket to Taiwan and visit the famous saloon, where your pets can turn into totally new animals.


One of the funniest hair cuts included a cat turning into the stegosaurus, as the owner explained that every time the cat gets angry, he erects the fur, resembling a mini dinosaur, this is how the idea of dinosaur appeared.

The prices for the haircut are quite reasonable, like a small pet can get a new style for 14 pounds, but of course everything depends on the style and creativity. The 30 years old Taiwanese hairdresser is open to any suggestions and ideas. When it comes to complicated style, it takes him around three hours to finish.


Lee has already six years in pet cutting experience and the designs are created according to the natural asset of the pet, to make it look stylish and natural at the same time.

The saloon started its business from September, and since then became quite popular, as such a pet styles attracts lots of attention and look truly magical, people even ask to take pictures with them! Just have a look at these stylish pets, don’t they look awesome?



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