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Bizarre ‘Ghost Shark’ Caught On Camera For The First Time

This incredible footage is the first time a “ghost shark,” has ever been caught on camera. Barely anything is  known about the disturbing-looking pointy-nosed blue chimaera, despite having saw the oceans since long before the dinosaurs exists.

Before now, the spooky animal had never been recorded in its natural habitat — and had been rarely spotted in general. However American scientists surveying the depths of the ocean off the coast of California and Hawaii have unwittingly filmed the mysterious ghost shark for the first time.

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute repeatedly captured footage of numerous species while on dives up to 6,700 feet (2,042 meters) below the sea off the coast of southern California, central California and the Hawaiian islands, in 2009. The footage and an accompanying paper in “Marine Biodiversity Records”  came out in October, but the video just started to get popular this past week.

Also known as chimaeras and Hydrolagus cf.trolli, the creatures are related to sharks and rays. But unlike their namesakes, ghost sharks have tooth plates instead of teeth and open channels on their heads and faces that give them the appearance of having been stitched together like a rag doll. Most remarkably perhaps, they have a retractable penis on their heads.

According to the institute reports Hydrolagus cf.trolli was previously known to occur in the southern Pacific Ocean of Australia, New Zealand and new Caledonia. The shark Hydrolagus cf.trolli takes its name from Alaskan artist Ray Troll, who is known for his fascination with ancient animal and sea life. “Cf” means that the creature is thought to be hydrolagus trolli but has to be confirmed yet. How can it be done? Probably when somebody will catch it and bring to the surface.

These species of shark are older than even the dinosaurs and looks like out of science fiction, with its dead eyes, bluish-gray corpse-like coloring and a retractable sex organ on its forehead.

source: cnet

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