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Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

Poop – even when you go all ewwwww hearing the word, you cannot trespass its significance. It is one imperative part of the normal functioning of the human body. And, when you consider animals, the poop ensures multi functionality.

You don’t believe it! For the start, you must have thought that poop always smells disgusting. You are in for a surprise. Otter dung which is also known as spraint has the capacity to smell like violets. This information is in accordance with entomologist Richard Jones.

Richard Jones is the author of the book, Call of Nature: The Secret Life of Dung.

Here is a list of some weird yet amazing ways animals use their poops:


Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

Badgers are animals which have their habitat in the entire of Europe. They live in small groups. Each group has about a dozen animals. In accordance with Jones, the Badgers dig rectangular pits in series, like a bathroom. For other badgers close by or strolling, the message sent is that the territory is taken by the group and also that they are well fed and full of strength.

 Egyptian Vultures

Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

Poop is making the vulture looks beautiful. Yes! So, the Egyptian vulture feeds on the cow poop, since it contains nutrients, most particularly carotenoids. It is the carotenoid which has the capacity to provide a charming, bright yellow color to the beak and to the faces. Undoubtedly the vulture which is more robust with a yellow hue implies, it is more fit. This in turn portrays them to be more attractive to mates. In fact, it is this trait which also aids in establishing dominance in the group of vultures!

Rainbow scarabs

Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

The dung beetles inculcate way too many insects. The rainbow scarabs of the Southern and Eastern U.S., the Minotaur beetles of Jones’ native England and the dung beetles to name a few. Each of these is the most fascinating recycling of nature. Even, when there are different types of dung beetles, in context of their behavioral pattern, there is one common trait. It is rolling fresh excrement into a ball. Males dung beetles than push their balls back into the burrows. The male also takes the female dung beetle in this act of his. After this, the beetle couple lays a single egg inside the poop ball. It is surprising that the poop ball serves both as the food for the baby as well as nursery.

Dung beetles

Bizarre and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop

These insects make again to the list, due to their attributes which never cease to surprise the researchers. The bull headed dung beetles, are found in parts of the United States and Australia. Their larvae eat the mothers’ dung. After eating the mom’ dung they eat the cow poop. And, then once again the larvae feed on their own poop. This is one recycling, which is hard to believe, but perfect to amaze you!

Fascinating researches and amazing too! But, then this is exactly the life around is all about. The nature has its own way and it surprises you again and again.


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