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When Is The Best Time To Go On A Wildlife Holiday

Eco and wildlife tourism are becoming more and more popular among the tourists. Whether you are an animal or nature lover, you will enjoy to see the wildlife in its true blossom – real life. But many of the travelers stumble while making decisions on particular season and destinations. When is the best time to see wildlife in certain areas of the world? Here is the answer:


Snorkel with whale sharks in Tofo, Mozambique. Besides being a paradise on earth, can you imagine sitting on the boat, slipping into the warm waters of ocean to meet the biggest fish? Adrenaline is going to be on its peak!


If whale sharks were not enough to tickle your nerves, head to US , Everglades to kayak with alligators. You will find yourself among the calm nature and dozens of dangerous mouths around you.


Look for shoe-bills in Mabamba swamp,Uganda. You have never seen a bird like this before. You can bet on it. Three feet tall and looking as if carved from ancient stones, they will amaze you while swimming in canoe through the Mabamba swamp.


What can be better than spending freezing, windy January in Bahamas, driving the boat to meet the most intimate shark species.


Tracking tigers in India is best in February, as the dry season is working on the long grass in India’s wildlife reserves. Once the land is more or less dry, it is way easier to spot the tigers drinking water from remaining watering holes.


Walking safari in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. The country is famous for walking safari tour. It is totally different experience from the vehicle one, as you have a chance to step on the land and still see lions passing by or hippos bathing in Luangwa river.


Search for giant pandas in China. The symbol of threatened wildlife since 1961. But to see them in wild will require a lot of patience, persistence and a bunch of luck!


Watch how puffins go back to their nests in Farne Islands, UK. Puffins are one of the most adorable birds you have ever seen. May is the time for them to go back home to roost in Farne Islands, allowing visitors to watch the from close distance.


Horse riding safari in Okavango Delta, Botswana. Most animals are not afraid of horses at all and actually don’t see the rider himself. So in the end of the day you manage to get closer to wildlife as never before.


Search for jaguars in Pantanal, Brazil. The area is boasting with natural pools and rivers. Besides the amazing jaguars you will see plenty of other wildlife representatives, like caimans.


Cruise among the polar bears in Svalbard, Norway. The land is full of massive sheets, fjords and mountains. Cruise will bring you around these stunning views under the sunset and passengers will have a chance to see polar bears in their natural behavior.


Get acquainted with orangutans in Borneo, as the Tanjung putting National Park has the protected population of    4, 000 orangutans, along with amazing walks along the rivers and surrounding forests.
Plan your next trip to the middle of wildlife!


source: telegraph

featured image: citispotter

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