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Artistic Couple Gives Performances For Pets

pets theatre in bristol

Creative artists Alex Bailey and Krõõt Juurak present bespoke performances for pets in their familiar environment. They have been dealing with their pet project since 2014 and now decided to bring it to the Bristol Biennal Festival from 5-8 September.

The couple is making their own research and consulting with pet behavioural therapists and pet psychologists to produce their usual show. Dramatic duo claims their performance is created solely for appreciation by pets, their human owners and friends are invited to join and view the performance though the eyes of the pet. May be it sounds crazy but they have performed more than 80 times at the homes of pets in Zürich, Erlangen, Berlin and Vienna and hope to find some new fans among Bristol’s animal population.

theatre for pets


The couples reveals the work they do is the way to say “thank you” to animals everywhere for their playfulness and creativity.


They do usually perform at pet’s home using different techniques like body language, non-human voice etc. to find contact with animals.



The performances don’t always go according to plan, some pets, especially young ones, show their emotions by trying to join the actors, although the performances are not necessarily interactive.


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