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Adorable Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid Was Found Off California’s Coast

Nautilus exploration vessel was calmly crawling the ocean floor off the California coast when his remotely operated vehicles stumbled on extremely cute marine creature on Earth – a stubby squid.
This surreal specimen has an official name of Rossia Pacifica, but is more known as a bobtail squid or dumpling squid, which was found around 3000 feet below the water surface.
You can find these creatures mainly on the seafloor, especially in summer – this is the time when they move down even deeper in order to mate. But even if they don’t try to find their match, Rossia Pacifica will still spend most of its time sitting on the sea floor, with its huge eyes wide open while the rest of the body is covered with sand – this is the hunting time for crabs and shrimps.
But what is even more impressive is that the Nautilus operated by the non profit Ocean Exploration Trust managed to record this creature fully visible above the sand so everybody can see this adorable creature live.


featured image: sputniknews

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