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Grumpy Husky Dog Has Made His Owner £20,000 Thanks To His Steely Glare

Jasmine Milton, 20-year-old medical student had already earned £20,000 thanks her lovely pet Siberian Husky Anuko, who boomed Instagram because of his steely glare. The popularity made Anuko one of the most in-demand dogs, he is followed by 11 000 thousand followers, received hundreds of gifts and even modelling jobs.

Anuko Siberia Husky star of Instagram

Anuko and Jasmine

The money she raised because of her dog Jasmine wants to spend on dreamed career in medicine.

Anuko and Jasmine 2

During her stay in the hospital because of metal health issues Jasmine took advice from another patient to get a puppy. Four months later Jasmine took little Anuko home, they became inseparable and her mental health improved as she went out socialising with her puppy, meeting other owners and taking long walks.

Anuko helps Jasmine with mental health issues

Anuko and Jasmine best friends

Young girl started taking pictures of her beloved dog and soon set up Instagram account for Anuko, but when she took shots of Anuko after she tricked him with a ball her life was turned upside down. Anuko’s ‘betrayed’ look attracted the attention of journalists and fans from around the world.


Within no time, Jasmine was being interviewed by reporters across the world, including America and Japan.

Anuko Siberian Husky

Since his big break, Anuko has gained 10.6k Instagram followers, over 2 million YouTube views and £20,000.


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