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19 Destinations Every Animal Lover Should Add To Their Bucket List

Not much can beat that feeling of observing animals in the wild, especially when you are not expecting it, theses are simply unforgettable moments. It’s no wonder that wildlife holidays where you can swim with pigs, watch seal pups play, dive with dolphins, swim with sharks are so popular.

Here are few once-in-a-lifetime fantasy adventures that satisfy our longing to be close to animals.

Exuma, Bahamas

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Probably the most extraordinary kind of resort, where you can swim with nothing else but pigs. They are the biggest attraction on the island of Big Major Cay.

Nara, Japan

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Nara is home to around 1, 200 sika deers, which tourists can feed by themselves with locally available “deer crackers”.

Territorio de Zaguates, Costa Rica

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This is one of the biggest no kill shelters where you may find hundreds of dogs, who spend their usual days wandering around a spectacular territory. Tourists are allowed sometimes to keep dogs the company.

Ponies on Assateague Island

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Delaware coast features hundreds of wild ponies who even have their own festival going on every July. This month dozens of people come to the area to watch the annual Pony Swim.

Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa

boulders-penguins1image source (Image Source)

The colony of “jackass penguins” can be found at the beach next to Simon’s Town. The name of the penguins comes from the braying sounds they make.

Coati at Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Brazil

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These weird raccoon relatives are always hunting for tourist food, but don’t attempt to feed them, as their bite is kind of nasty. Better to admire them from the distance instead.

Quokkas on Rottnest Island, Australia

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The Western Australia island is the land full of quokka –an animal which you may have never encountered before, but one thing you should know – they are the happiest animals on Earth.

Sloths, Monkeys in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

sloth-manuelimage source (Image Source)

Manuel Antonio National park is one of the best places to see sloths and monkeys in their natural habitat.

Seal Pups at Ohau Waterfall, New Zealand

sealsimage source (Image Source)

The best time to see these cute pups playing by the waterfall is July and August. The show is really spectacular.

Okunoshima, Japan

rabbitsimage source (Image Source)

Or better to say “rabbit island”, as there are hundreds of rabbits roaming around and searching for the food.

Llamas and Alpacas at Machu Picchu, Peru

o-llama-machu-picchuimage source (Image Source)

These animals became the landmark of the country and will soon win over the Machu Picchy site itself.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

monkeysimage source (Image Source)

Have you ever seen hundreds of Japanese macaques taking a hot tub? This park will give you such a chance. Due to a great number of hot springs, you may admire macaques enjoying their steaming baths amidst cold and frosty forests.

Rats at Karni Mata Temple, India

templeimage source (Image Source)

Whether you are such animal lover or not, if you ever have a chance to visit Rajasthan temple, be aware that there are around 20, 000 black rats or “kabbas” running around. Though the holiest ones are considered to be of a white color, and there are only few of them here.

Marmots at Glacier National Park, Washington

hoary-marmot-hidden-lake-overlook-area-glacier-national-park-montana-picture-id177796374image source (Image Source)

The main attraction of the park are yellow-bellied marmots, who like to entertain the guests.

Wallabies at Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

australiaimage source (Image Source)

Wineglass Bay is located inside the Freycinet National Park, which is a home to wallabies, who don’t hesitate to approach the tourists , and there are also various species of birds and rich marine life to explore.

Seals and Sea Lions at La Jolla Cove, California

la-jolla-cove-sealimage source (Image Source)

Over the last few years the San Diego beach faced a problem of growing pinniped population, but tourists still love to stop by here from time to time.

Zao Fox Village, Japan

zao-fox-village-japanimage source (Image Source)

Japan is hosting many places with beautiful animals. This preserve holds six species of foxes, whom you can feed by yourself.

Puffins on the Dyrholaey Peninsula, Iceland

puffinegimage source (Image Source)

The best time for watching these cute creatures is the end of the summer, but be careful of the arctic tern nests as birds get really upset if you touch them.

Cats on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

catsimage source (Image Source)

The island is a home to stray but very sociable cats. You can play with them on the beach, on the street and even enjoy lunch together. Animal lovers, you know where to plan your next vacation.

source: buzzfeed

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