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10 Intriguing Facts About Ravens

10 Intriguing Facts About Ravens

Whether you are an avid bird lover or not, it is a surprise if you have not seen a Raven or associated it with any bad omen! Yeah! Indeed, this bird, a somewhat older cousin of the crow has been witnessed as to be associated with the demise or dark omens. May be this is the acumen, not much is known about this fascinating creature.

But, you might be absolutely wrong if you think, this is it about the raven! There is much more which is attributed to its physical features!

So, here are some interesting aspects about Raven:

 1. Smart animals

-if you always thought that chimpanzee and dolphins are the smartest. It’s time you know that ravens too is a part of this category. Here are some instances, which indicate it:

– Pushing rocks on people so that they stay aloof from their nest.

– Stealing fish by pulling a fisherman’s line out of ice holes.

– Playing dead beside a beaver corpse to scare away other Ravens.

10 Intriguing Facts About RavensRaven is playing dead.

2. Imitate human speech

– they are better at talking than parrots. They can mimic noises such as car engines, toilet flushing, bird and animal calls.

3. European culture implication

– while in France, people believe that the Ravens were the soul of wicked priests, in Germany they were considered as the incarnation of damned souls. In fact, in Sweden people think that the Ravens which croaked at night were the souls of murdered people.

4. Got featured in myths

-in accordance with the cultural stories of Tibet and Greece, Raven have been considered as the messenger of Gods. Some Native Americans, even worship Raven as a deity.

10 Intriguing Facts About RavensElijah Fed by the Raven, with Elijah and the Widow of Zerphath. Painting of Frans Pourbus (I)

5. Playful

-in Alaska and Canada they have been witnessed using snow-covered roofs as slides. They have been also seen rolling down the snowy hills in Maine. And, the perfect example of playful behavior is that Raven has been seen making toys by using sticks, pine cones, or even rocks.

6. Their bizarre way with ants

-lying in anthills so as to avail ants swarming with them, chewing the ants up and even rubbing their guts on their feathers! This behavior is still to be understood.

7. Sophisticated nonvocal signals

ravens use gesture to communicate. So, they point with their beaks and even hold some object to get the attention of some other bird.

8. Compliant

Ravens can live in a variety of habitat. It can be snow, desert, mountain or forests. They live for a real long time, almost 17 years in the wild and up to 40 years in captivity.

9. Empathetic

even when they are way playful, they are very empathetic. In fact, they are witnessed consoling a friend raven, after it loses a fight. And, they also respond in a friendly manner to certain birds.

10. Teenage gangs

Ravens are found to mate for life. When the children reach adolescent they leave their homes, and join teenage gangs. Then, this flock of young birds lives and eats together until they mate and make a pair.


So, next time you see a Raven, you know a lot of features about it, beforehand!

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