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The World’s Biggest Mystery – Göbekli Tepe

The discovered monolith at Göbekli Tepe in 1995 appeared to be buried in sand on purpose, and there is still no solid explanation to why. Moreover, the carbon dating estimates the monolith to be around 12,000 years old. Only 5% of this amazing and mysterious site has been excavated and there is no explanation to the precision carving used during construction either.

You may find in the northwest edge of Mesopotamia, Turkey, Göbekli Tep. It is a man built hill, crafted from the accumulated layers of millennia built on top of the ruins who came before. The the lowest level you may find the most important construction, which dates back to 10, 000- 11, 000 BC. This is period before writing and metal tools.

The World's Biggest Mystery – Göbekli TepeILLUSTRATION BY FERNANDO BAPTISTA via National Geographic

So the ancient builders used stone tools to chip huge blocks of limestone into pillars by using simplest technologies, while each of the pillars weights between 11 and 12 tones. It means they needed around hundreds of people to work together in order to move the pillar for 100-150 meters to the complex.

The complex of pillars has a shape of letter T, while large stones were arranged in circular rigs. The tallest pillar reached 16 feet in height, and the largest rings are 65 feet in diameter.

The World's Biggest Mystery – Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe which is a complex of many temples might the first temple in the world built by men. There are evidences showing that it was used for religious purposes. Most of the pillars have different kind of animals carved inside of them. One of the most amazing things is that some of these pillars had a weight of 40 to 60 tons, which rises a question. How could it possible that a prehistoric people could build such monuments when even the basic tools have been invented much later. If to believe to archaeology, people of those times were unsophisticated hunters.

The World's Biggest Mystery – Göbekli Tepe

The most important thing about Göbekli Tepe is the proof that people who lived there were actually much more advanced than we imagined. Believers of Ancient Astronaut Theory suggest it was the aliens from other planets to help mankind in the ancient time to built such enormous monuments, which can be found not only in Turkey but all over the world.


It can be also possible that Göbekli Tepe is a temple inside the Biblical Eden of Genesis. There are so many questions and suggestions as to the origin of this remarkable site, that scientists have really hard time in dating of Göbekli Tepe. As if to believe scientific methodology, such culture couldn’t exist in those times. So is still stays impossible to say for sure whom to give credit for such a site.



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The World’s Biggest Mystery – Göbekli Tepe
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