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10 Conclusive Proof Of Alien Visitation Through Ancient Art

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

Aliens visited the Earth in the Past – How true is this? Do Aliens really exist? Well, there is no official proof for the existence of Aliens yet. But, there are certain ancient hieroglyphics and arts that indicate alien visitation. Ancestral people carved a few art forms, which make the speculations of alien visitation, almost true. Take a look at these 10 unbelievable ancient proofs that can blow your mind!

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

All the proofs hail from the ancient civilisations. These civilisations talk about the existence of God from above although they are different and  just not interrelated. Most of the proofs have carvings of spaceships and flying objects. Do you expect the ancient people to have knowledge about flying objects? No. So here are the 10 astonishing proofs of the extra terrestrial’s visit on earth.

1 – The Clay Tablets from Sumerians

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

The Sumerian ancestors documented various things on clay. The Sumerian clay tablets depict things ranging from cookbooks, to management learnings and also aliens. Apparently, Sumerians worshipped the aliens and called them Anunnaki. Anunnaki were not the people from Earth.

The pages of history states that Anunnaki came to the Earth in search of gold. They were much more advanced than the people of Earth.

2 – The Wandjinas

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

North-West region of Australia considers Wandjinas as the supreme beings and creators of Earth. The ancestors worshipped them and painted their figures on various rocks. Their theory somehow overlaps with the Sumerian Anunnaki, strengthening the speculation of alien visitation.

3 – Egyptian Pharaohs

the_wilbour_plaque_ca-_1352-1336_b-c-e-_16-48-1Egypt's Pharaoh Akhenaten

Pharaohs in Egypt is the name for the rulers. Egyptians worship them as gods. These Pharaohs have elongated faces and Sun like structure at the back, which slightly resembles the aliens.

4 – Egyptian Temple of Seti

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

Most of the Egyptian sculptures and monuments indicate the appearance of aliens in the ancient times. Some sculptures and carvings show flying objects like spaceships, such as the temple of Seti. You can’t expect the ancestors to know about space ships back then, which again gives weight to the extraterrestrial’s visit to Earth.

5 – Quetzalcoatl


Aztecs considered Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, as their god. The Mayan civilisation worshipped him. Mayans worshipped Quetzalcoatl as he was thought to be the transgressor between Earth and other planets.

6 – Dendara Temple of Egypt

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

People can witness flying objects emitting rays, in one of the best preserved sculptures from the Dendara Temple in Egypt.

7 – Domenico’s Paining of Mother Mary

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

‘Madonna with Saint Giovannino’ is the famous painting of Mother Mary by Domenico. This painting showcases a small spaceship in the background along with Mother Mary.

8 – Painting of the Crucifixion

10 Overwhelming Ancient Proofs of Alien Visitation

Would you expect anything alien in the painting of the Crucifixion? But, looking deep in the picture, you will find spaceship like structures in the top corner.

9 – Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics


Egypt has ancient alien hieroglyphics and arts in abundance.

10 – Carvings on the Rocks of Mars


Not only Earth, even Mars has hieroglyphics that depict the presence of Aliens. Some people rubbished this theory and images, but some do believe. NASA has managed to discover the presence of water on the surface of Mars, which also supports the fact that there could be aliens dwelling there.



10 Conclusive Proof Of Alien Visitation Through Ancient Art
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  • I was very amazed at all the proof until I saw pic #9. My nephew draws spaceships exactly like the one depicted. I can see where at times some false information would be spread to make a buck or gain some notoriety. There are depictions and areas on the planet that have more questions than answers so personally I am curious, just cautious about what I read and see and hear.