Our Story

It all started when an Istanbul school boy, Gurcan was extremely fascinated with the unknown and unexplained phenomena. His desire to see the world and explore vivid cultures was unstoppable right after he read the Erich Von Daniken book called ‘Chariots of the Gods’. After coming out as a Graduate from the University of Marmara, Gurcan decided to travel and choose the UK as a base for the fulfillment of his dreams. 

Working in a Chinese restaurant in London made him familiar with the culture of Far East. After this, he got lucky to meet the like-minded Ukrainian wife, Katya in Switzerland. This was when his love and dreams started to convert into reality. 

Together, they started studying Spirituality, Buddhism, and also the unknown and mysterious phenomena. Both being travel enthusiasts, they take trips to all around the world and collect knowledge and ideas. This lead them towards writing their interesting experiences on their blog Look4ward.co.uk


This is how their blog that has over tens of thousands of Facebook, and Twitter followers, came into existence. The couple also decided to share their immense knowledge and experience with uniquely designed and tastefully curated products to their followers. After having a great response from the blog readers, this enthusiastic couple decided to take a step ahead and open Look4wardstore.com to share all these unique items with the whole world.  

Gurcan and Katya investigate iconic mysteries across the globe


Look4ward HQ is based in North Wales, a little heaven called the Colwyn Bay. Spirituality, Love for Nature, and Happiness attracted them to this place and their aim is to bring happiness to everyone they interact with. 

The happiest place in Britain is North Wales


The look4ward community is growing as a team. This is a husband and wife establishment which includes content writers from India, Hungary, and Ukraine. The team also has amazing Ukrainian Illustrators and IT guys. The Look4ward store sources the products from India, Thailand, Nepal, China, Indonesia, to Latin America. 

Collecting moments and not things


Traveling is a more valuable learning experience than years of schooling


We, at Look4ward team, sincerely hope that you will enjoy our products and blogs. Our motto is Look4ward  – Think Positive, because life is too short to be anything but happy, isn’t it?