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Brain Scans Can Reveal Criminal Intentions, Experts Say


Crime is a product of social excess.

Vladimir Lenin

Detecting the intentions of a criminal have always been a task for the forces. But, now the scientists claim that this task will be easier with the help of brain scans of the criminals. It will help them to judge better, about the intentions behind committing the crime. Usually, the years of imprisonment also depend upon the intentions behind committing the crime. Sometimes the intentions are cruel or planned and sometimes the criminal is not aware of committing the crime.

Technology Used To Detect Criminal Intentions Using Brain Scans

Some Neuroscientists have already used the brain scans to spot difference between criminals who committed crimes on purpose and those who did that because of sheer reckless behaviour. It is apparently the first time that scientists have used a brain scanner to analyse the intentions behind a crime. These scientists could also decipher the intentions in a person’s mind when he is committing a mock crime.

The punishment given to a criminal can be profoundly affected by the intentions in his mind, while committing the crime. This is one reason why, knowing about the brain activity at that time is essential. To research on this topic, Read Montague, a neuroscientist at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Insitute in Roanoke and at University College London, lead a team of scientists.

They used functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which can measure the brain activity based on blood flow. The research was done on 40 people, including men and women. They were made to take part in a simulation that gave them reward for carrying a suitcase full of drugs, across the border. In some cases, people knew the suitcase had drugs while in some, they did not.

By using an artificial intelligence technique known as ‘machine learning’, the scientists found that they could spot, with high accuracy, those who knowingly broke the law, and also those, who did it by simply taking a risk.

Does The Technology Really Work?

Read Montague said that despite the breakthrough, the mental state of a criminal can not be wholly dependent on the brain scans data. The actual and appropriate reading come when the person is committing a crime. Not after or before that. Nevertheless, he also accepted that this research is a game changer and with further studies on a larger sample size, they will sure come out with an even better and reliable analysis structure.


Brain Scans Can Reveal Criminal Intentions, Experts Say
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